How to search Instagram without an Account

 You want to search instagram but you don't have an insta account to use the app. Then you can use a couple of creative ways to search instagram without an account. If you don't have an Instagram account then it becomes really difficult to use the Instagram app to just search for profiles, posts and hashtags as the official IG app will ask you to login before letting you use the app. So, if you don't want to create an Instagram account just for being able to view and search instagram then you can use specialised search engines and queries to find anything on Instagram without signing in to the app.

Method 1: 

Use the Instagram search engine on to find users, posts, photos and videos. Just head over to or even better, use the search bar on this site, and enter your search query to find what you are looking for on instagram. IG Searcher is a general instagram search engine that lets you find anything on Instagram like user accounts and posts without the need to login. You can use this search engine like Google search and it will show you all the results from Instagram. You can even refine your instagram searches by Users, Posts, IGTV, and hashtags to further explore instagram without an account. 

Method 2:

The second method to search instagram without an account is to simple use Google search with specialised queries. Many people don't know this but you can use special queries on Google to refine your search results, this Google feature of advance search can be used to filter search results by specific sites. 

In this case you want Google to show you only search results from Instagram so you can use the following pattern of search query. 

your insta search term + "Instagram"

your insta search term

This will give you search results from only instagram. You can search for anything on instagram using this method.

If you are looking for a exact name or username on instagram then you can use the quotation marks in your search query e.g "john green" to get the exact match search results. This will only show you search results from instagram that meet the exact match and would make your search for someone a little easier.

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