Can someone see you search them on Instagram?

If you are concerned that others can see you search for them on Instagram then don't worry no one can see you search and view their profile on Instagram. You can view anyone's public account without letting them know about it. So, feel free to search people's profiles and view their posts and photos on Instagram App. That said, if you watch someone's story on instagram they can see who viewed the story. So if you want to stay incognito while view other people's profiles on Instagram then you have to be careful to now view their stories from your logged in Account. 

What if you want to view someone's Instagram story without letting them know about it? Well, there is an easy work around that lets you watch anyone's stories secretly without showing your name when they see who viewed their Insta story. If you want to watch a story incognito then you can use instagram story viewers or instagram profile viewers available online and not use the official Instagram app or website with your own account. 

You can also use IG Search to search instagram profiles and photos and use the web version of instagram to view the posts. This way you won't have to login to instagram and you can search anyone on instagram without letting them know about it. 

Doing a simple search on Google for instagram viewers will give you a number of free apps and sites that allow you to search profiles and stories on instagram without going to Instagram app. When you view anyone's instagram using these web apps that don't ask you to login with instagram, then no one will know if you browse their profile for photos and stories. 

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