How to find someone on Instagram without their username

 Instagram profile username is not always easy to remember as it is mostly different from the real name. There are thousands of people on Instagram with same name but different username. The normal way to find someone on instagram is to use their insta username and search for it using the app's search bar. If the username is correct then the instagram displays that the account associated with that username. You can then simply tag the account from recommended list and go directly to the user's profile page on instagram. But this method doesn't work if you don't know the username of someone you want to find on instagram. To find someone on instagram without username you can use custom instagram web search engines like igsearcher to search for profiles using name and other queries.  

If you want to find someone on instagram without their username you can simply use ig searcher with name search to look for their instagram account.  This helps you find all the profiles with similar name and you can easily look for the account you want to find by scrolling through the search results. 

Simply enter the name of the person you want to find on instagram in the search bar on this site to see the search results with all user profiles matching that name. You can also use the quotation marks around the name to only filter exact match results for name. 

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